Boot Camp:
Taught by Certified Personal Trainers
Scott Shelton
Alexandria Longville
Itzely Pauly

Want to actually see a physical difference from all your hard work at the gym?
Illuminate 24 Gym offers different options for Boot Camp membership(s).  Get unlimited access to the Boot Camp Program, a personalized nutritional program, plus a full 24/7 gym membership with access to other group classes like Spin, Zumba, and more...

Boot Camps consist of different exercises such as HIIT Cardio, TRX, Weight Training, Kick Boxing etc.

Monday - Friday 5AM, 12PM, 530PM  (*12PM Classes are also included in Regular membership Calendar)
Saturday 8 AM

Boot Camp Contracts:
*All Boot Camp contracts apply to both members and non-members*

*3 month Contract: $110 Per Month
*6 month Contract: $100 Per Month
*1 Year Contract: $80 Per Month

Boot Camp Month to Month:

*Non-Members: $140 Per Month
*Gym Members: $120 Per Month

*1 Single Boot Camp Class: $15 Per Class